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5 Email Marketing Software- Free 9000 Emails To 300 Subscribers

Email marketing

Email-marketing is a means of mass communication whose purpose is to promote a product, service or brand by email to contacts (customers, prospects, ambassadors). But, nevertheless, generally speaking, the cost of email marketing today is not too high. They account for about 5-10% of the entire market.

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Why choose emailing?

Emailing converts new followers each year.


Emailing is a cheap means of communication. It has an advantage of less cost than 1 cent per email sent, the absence of printing costs, and the possibility of using templates free for design.

Cost effective even on small volumes

Emailing remains a profitable solution, even on small volumes.

Easy to make

Knowing how to code is not necessary to achieve an emailing. Most emailing software offers free templates extremely well done that require very few changes. It is also possible to use the "drag and drop" module. It allows you to create your own emailing templates without specific computer skills.

Quick to set up

Unlike other types of direct marketing campaigns, an emailing campaign can be completed in less than two hours.


When we see a product or information on paper that might interest a member of our entourage, we could take a picture and send it by mms. But few of us do it. On the other hand, we frequently transfer an email. 

Easy to analyze

Not only does emailing allow you to know the behavior of your recipients, but it also allows you to have immediate results.


Email marketing allows you to personalize the message at no additional cost. No other means of communication allows you to personalize the message as simply for such a low price.


A well-structured email can quickly take the recipient to your website.

Below we will evaluate 5 Email Marketing Software on the market to help you make the right choice.

It is simplest email marketing software. MailGet Bolt is suitable for all types of businesses, bloggers and experts. It is intelligent and more advanced.


It offers different types of features like List segmentation, Auto responder, Drip mailing etc. It has also some exclusive advantages including select users list easily and  mail to enlisted users in short time.



MailGet is an ideal solution for email marketing. You need no hosting and complex set-up. Just send messages through Amazon SES and other SMTP. You can use e-mail template generator to generate excellent e-mails


It offers different types of features like Auto follow-up emails. It has also some exclusive advantages including Amazing email templates, send emails to unlimited customers at $5 and 100% responsive drag & drop builder.



Constant Contact is a popular Email Marketing Tools. It boosts sales. Constant Contact's is very effective and easy to use.


 It offers different types of features like list segmentation, Auto responder, Connect with Quickbooks, Shopify, Genbook, Zapier, MailMunch etc. It has also some exclusive advantages including tracking & reporting, email automation and many more.



Activetrail is an all-rounder email marketing & marketing automation software.


 It offers different types of features like mobile responsive email marketing, newsletter templates, SMS campaigns, landing page builder and Survey tool. It has also some exclusive advantages including optimization tools, marketing automation features, smart lead forms, sales booster for e-commerce and many more.



GetResponse provides Automation Marketing services. From small, medium to large- all shapes and Sizes Company can use these services.


It offers different types of features like fully scalable workflows, drag-and-drop designer and track subscriber behavior in real time. It has also some exclusive advantages including react to completed purchases and Connect with social media platforms, Salesforce, Shopify, etc.



This 5 Email Marketing Software can be used to promote your business. Since there is a free trail opportunity to use these services, you can use and test it. Than make a decision what is best for you?

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