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Dear all,
Here we are after a lot of updates and a ton of bug fixes we are confident that PHPanywhere is ready for the big time, so we are finally getting ready to remove the BETA label. :)
The first official release of PHPanywhere should be online in February, but not to worry for all of you that always want the absolute newest version of PHPanywhere you’ll always be able to find it on LABS. :)

Migration plus v.3.0

Dear users we are excited to announce that this Sunday 29 November, we will be launching version 3.0 of our PHPanywhere service, which will have some long time awaited features.

Also during this time we will be migrating PHPanywhere to new servers so we can handle the ever rising traffic.

So you can expect some difficulties on Sunday, but once it’s done – get ready for some serious coding, on the go of course. ;)

v.3 Live

Dear all,

We are very sorry for the delay, but we are finally releasing v.3.0. on our LIVE site tomorrow 18.12.2009!

So please log in tomorrow and let us know what you think!


Version 3 plus SSL

Dear all,
As promised the new version of PHPanywhere was released on or LIVE site 18.12.2009.
But due to some tiny bugs and the implementation of SSL we hadn’t announced it until now.
So now that everything is on the up and up, and we added SSL for login and sign-up (which will make PHPanywhere even more secure) we are now very proud to present PHPanywhere version 3!
As always try it outany enjoy coding anytime, anywhere! ;)

Since we launched our all new editor yesterday, everyone has been asking for a list of what’s new because there is just so much.
So here is a list for all you out there:

-CTRL shortcuts (CRTL+S, CTRL+C)
-Save As
-Touch device support (you can now code on you iPad)
-All windows can be minimized (for maximum coding space)
-Ability to open multiple files/folders at once
-Unlimited page lines
-Star (*) indicator when a file has been edited but not saved
-Rearrange tabs
-Delete non-empty folders
-Syntax highlighting for CSS, JS, PHP, HTML and XML
-Works now in all browsers perfectly

Just to note these are a current list of new features, but you can expect much more before we launch on production.

So stay tuned and we will keep you posted!

Dear users,

Im ecstatic to say that we have finally posted a new version of PHPanywhere on LABS !!!

Here are in short a list of new features:
- All new code editor
- undo/redo is now handled on client (browser) side, no more waiting for server response
- find and replace feature
- line numbers are now displayed
- php, html, css code highlighting
- code auto completion, snippets
- code indention  (TAB key finally works :) )
- projects
- skins
- and more…

Note this is a test version, so please don’t use it on your important files (for now anyway).
Also we would love your feedback (on the forum or by email) to help us wipe out any bugs that we might have left…so we can get this up on the production version of PHPanywhere asap!

Thanks and enjoy!

*please note this version of LABS currently on works in Firefox and Opera browsers

We are going to have a display on CeBIT (Hall 6, Stand D18) in Hannover 01.-05.03.2011!
We will be unveiling brand new PHPanywhere features exclusively at the show, so please come and visit us, say hi and test out the new PHPanywhere!
For more info check out:

On Sunday February 6th we will randomly pick 5 of our Facebook fans and they will receive a 1 month PHPanywhere Premium Account. Like?

We have solved the infamous space bug that occured while using WebKit browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. Thanks for the patience and enjoy using PHPanywhere!

Dear users,
This isnt any big, but for sort of a XMAS gift to you we created a PHPaynwhere Chrome App!
Its just to make logging on to PHPaynwhere easier for all you Chrome users out there.
Oh and a special thanks to @asheisarockstar for all the help in creating this.
You can download it here >>

Dear all, after almost two years we are proud to say that as of today we are offering premium accounts!

Meaning, no more advertisements, 1000 FTP and SFTP servers and almost unlimited daily FTP bandwidth (5GB) and all of this for just $5.00 / month!

So for those of you who are working full time on PHPanywhere and for those of you that begged us to just get rid of the ads – your prares have finally been answered. :)

For everyone else there still is and always will be the standard FREE accounts so not to worry.
So please login and upgrade your account today!!!

For more info check our Plans

As always with us, a new logo means that there will be a lot of new things in the days to come.
So come back often and you will definitely be pleasantly surprised
Hope you all like it and thanks to Logoholik for the great design!

Dear all,
We apologize for PHPanywhere being down these last few days.
This is as a result of our current upgrades.
Things will be back one shortly.
Again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear all,

We apologize for PHPanywhere being down these last few days.

This is as a result of our current upgrades.

Things will be back one shortly.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience.

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