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Botting Fuel Shares A Few Things To Check Before Scheduling A No-Heat Housecall


Finding yourself in a cold house in the middle of winter is one of the worse things in our cold climate. Before reaching for the phone, Bottini Fuel would like to share a few things to check before placing a service call to our certified technicians, allowing you to troubleshoot your furnace for the most common issues preventing you from having a nice and toasty home.

Troubleshooting the most common problems

  1. Is there power to your furnace? Even though your house has power, check the circuit breaker first. The circuit may have tripped, cutting off power to your heating unit. This may sound silly, but it is the very first thing our technician will verify when getting to your home. A lot of service calls are avoided by simply verifying your box and making sure there is electricity going to your furnace.
  2. Do you have enough oil? Making sure your level of oil is adequate for proper functioning of your unit is the second step. Just like your vehicle, your furnace needs fuel to work. Keeping your oil reserve about a quarter tank will ensure the proper heating thought the cold months.
  3. Are your thermostat set at the correct temperature? We all have had the guest who plays with our thermostat, lowering the temperature for their comfort. There is nothing wrong with that, we do want our overnight guests to feel comfortable. However, making sure the thermostat is properly set is your next step. The previous day may have been a warm day, making you lower the temperature on your thermostats.
  4. Are the air intakes clear of debris? High-efficiency furnaces have a fresh air intake. Make sure those are clear of snow and debris for optimum results. Fall leaves, animal nests, snow, and ice are all common causes of blockage. The area around the air intake should be checked regularly to clear any debris. Having a cover facing downward will help the majority of potential blockages, such as dead leaves, snow, and ice from preventing proper air flow.
  5. Are the filters clean? Just like the air intake, the air filters can get blocked, and should be changed every ten to twelve weeks. The air filter prevents dust, air, pet dander from clogging your furnace and impeding proper function. When insufficient air goes into your furnace, your unit can overheat, causing it to shut down prematurely for safety purposes. A clogged air filter can also cause soot accumulation in your unit, reducing item lifespan. It is a small investment that will pay in comfort over many years.
  6. Has the access door been open recently? Most units have an automatic shut off when the access door opens. If the door has not been closed properly, the unit's safety will prevent it from turning on. Make sure the door is properly closed, and the latch is safely in place.


If you are still having issues with your unit after these easy troubleshooting steps, our certified Bottini fuel technicians are just a phone call away and will be glad to service your unit and keep your home warm.

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