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Solar Powered Electric Chargers And Its Importance To Your Solar Powered Electric Fence

Solar powered electric fence is excellent in providing security and safety of your home, property and family while saving a lot of money at the same time, solar powered fences is much more expensive than your regular electric fence but consumes less electric which can help you conserve energy and avoid high electric bills. However, the performance of a solar powered electric fences is reliant to its charger. This article will help you learn its importance and what to keep in mind when buying for one.

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How does it work?

Chargers are responsible of sending electricity from the batter of the fence to its live wire. Chargers are usually placed near ground because the charger is also responsible in controlling the shocks to the trespasser.

This is how it works. when a trespasser touches a live wire, the charger would send electricity to the wire and shock the trespasser, the electricity would travel from the trespasser back to the wire and to the ground. The electricity circulated back to the wire would then be diffused by the charger by sending it to the ground. This would ensure safety and would avoid damage to the wire at the same time.

What to look for when you are planning to buy one?

Compatibility: always take note that your charger is compatible to your electric fence’s battery and its system, if it is not compatible, the fence would either shock the trespasser to death or might not send a shock at all.

Durability: cheap chargers tend to break easily and would always cause a lot of emergency repairs that would require a lot of money.  Durable chargers tend to be expensive bit it is a great investment and is a money back guarantee

Price range: just because it is expensive doesn’t mean it is good and quality made, durable charges are expensive but you can always choose chargers in mid-range prices with the same features you wanted at the same time, this would help you spend less money and have the best result at the same time

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